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Culture and Folk Art Centre “Ritums” invites to meditative concerts given by ethnomusic performer and creator Inga Karpiča. In the programme the symbiosis of Latvian folk songs and Indian mantras, in which the great simplicity and wisdom of dainas (ancient Latvian poetry) will meet harmonising mantras.

Two identical 30-minute concerts will take place over the course of the evening — the first on 7 September from 20.30 to 21.00 and the second from 22.30 to 23.00. The concert programme “Meditation with a folk song” is an original symbiosis of Latvian folk songs and Indian mantra, which will reveal the relationship between Latvian and Indian cultures. In the singing of Inga Karpiča, accompanied by the sound of rhythm instruments and piano, the great simplicity and wisdom of dainas will meet harmonising mantras by taking the audience into the multiform music by Inga Karpiča. It is both dynamic, energetic and peaceful and contemplating at the same time and allows the audience to dwell in light reflection and to travel deep in the corners of their soul.

In addition to Latvian folk songs, Inga has for a longer time found inspiration in mantras and studies of vedas, learning symbols and translations of mantras. Inga Karpiča is keen on energetic power of mantras and their impact on human mind, mood and soul condition, so the musician regularly organises mantra singing circles and meditative concerts in various places in Riga and Latvia. She has graduated from the choir class of Bauska Music School, has participated in the reality show “O! Kartes skatuve”, and released an album titled “Soul Song” in 2014.



What do you think in silence about, at white and black night, alone two together?

Lyrics about life in triangles, frames and different levels, about the road in darkness, solitude, in love and time — from the epiphanies by Imants Ziedonis.

Thought-provoking music and original projections.

With participation of actors of theatre studio HARITAS.

Your chance is to engage in interactive provocations.


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